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  • Mã sp: HD620CM
  • Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc
  • Tình trạng: Mới 100%
  • Bảo hành: 6 năm
Máy dán cạnh HD 620CM được thiết kế để xử lý sự khắc nghiệt của quá trình sản xuất nhanh, đủ linh hoạt để xử lý nhiều loại vật liệu dải (ABS, PVC, cán mỏng, băng gỗ và dải gỗ) dày từ 0,4-3,0 mm trên các ván từ 10-60 mm dày.
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Designed for veneering straight edges of slab materials with rolled edges ABS, PVC and strip edging material with a thickness of 3 mm


1. Edge feed2. Butt preheating line3. Adhesive knot4. Press group
5. 2 motor trimming6. Milling of overhangs7. Radius shredding8. Polishing




Base frame
  • The processing of the bed takes place on advanced metalworking CNC machines in a single installation, this gives a high accuracy of the work of the nodes over a longer service life.
  • All the structural elements of the machine, also undergo absolutely precise processing on metalworking CNC machines, made in Japan.

Professional assembly line
  • The assembly line is the final and important stage for the stable operation of the machine.
  • Experienced specialists on professional assembly lines, starting from the base and ending with small electrical components, guarantee a stable and productive machine operation.

Quality control
  • Site quality control.
  • Especially measuring equipment.
  • Strict quality control system for the important parameters of the machine.

They help to ensure that the finished machines that the plant produces have a high level of quality;

Máy cưa bàn trượt 3200mm Holztek

Clamping beam
  • The pressure beam made of aluminum with a section of the profile of 160 x 80 mm and a thickness of 6 mm provides for high accuracy and excellent rigidity.
  • To the required thickness of the workpiece, the raising and lowering of the pressure beam is carried out from the control panel.
  • Over the entire length of the machine, precise positioning of the beam is achieved by four supports.
  • Perfect accuracy of movement is provided by the electric drive of the encoder and the motor.
  • Engine of raising and lowering the beam:
    • Power: 0,25 kW;
    • Frequency: 50 Hz;
    • Rotation speed: 1400 rpm

  • Durable and reliable conveyor design.
  • The exact movement of the shoes is carried out by a semicircular guide that has undergone a special heat treatment using a chain.
  • Wear-resistant shoes in combination with rubber pressure rollers with a diameter of 60 mm located in 2 rows provide accurate transportation of workpieces.
  • The stable operation of the transport motor is ensured by a soft start and an electric brake, for safety during an emergency stop.
  • Conveyor Feed Motor:
    • Power: 2.2 kW;
    • Frequency: 50 Hz;
    • Rotational speed: 1430 rpm

  • The system for determining the supply interval of the workpiece is designed for a fixed distance between the workpieces to increase productivity and ensure stable operation of each node.
  • 2 cast steel round supports Ø 50 mm allow you to extend the supporting frame with guide rollers, 600 mm and due to this, smooth workpieces of large sizes are carried out.
  • The counter with numeric display allows the operator to accurately track the specified height of the clamping beam in real time.

  • Preheating the end of the workpiece, in the form of a heating strip, creates the necessary basis for high-quality gluing of the edge.
Particularly relevant in the cold period

Glue knot

  • Smooth supply of edging roll material in the area of ​​application of glue from the store Ø 740 mm.
  • The traditional way of adding glue to the glue tank is located below the glue of the applying roller.
  • The glue tank has a Teflon coating that prevents the glue from sticking to the tank walls.
  • The tank is designed for hot EVA hot melt with a capacity of about 4 liters.
  • Sensitive glue dispensing adjustment to ensure rational use of glue.
  • Engine drive feed edge, glue shaft and a large pressure roller:
    • Power: 0.75 kW;
    • Frequency: 50 Hz;
    • Rotational speed: 1400 rpm


  • The built-in guillotine on the pneumatic cylinder from AirTEC with the electric switch, is calculated for high efficiency.

Press group

  • It consists of one large-diameter feed roller with a diameter of 100 mm and three press rollers with a diameter of 65 mm ensure reliable fixation of the edge material on the end of the workpiece.
  • Adjustment of the clamping area to the thickness of the edging material is carried out using a digital counter.
  • Each roller is equipped with an individual pneumatic cylinder.
  • Pinch rollers are suitable for pressing the edging material of different thickness on the end of the workpiece to minimize glue seam.

Trimming unit

  • The linear guide is at an angle of 45 °.
  • The trimming unit consists of 2 engines:
    • Power: 0.37 kW;
    • Frequency: 200 Hz;
    • Rotational speed: 12,000 rpm
  • 2 saws Ø 100 x 22 Z30; located at an angle of 5 °.
  • Automatic guide lubrication system using a time control unit.
  • Precise control is carried out by the installed Delta frequency converter. Motor overload protection. This ensures a long service life of the machine.

Milling overhangs

  • It is used for milling the upper and lower overhangs of the workpiece.
  • Knot of milling of sves with 2 engines:
    • Power: 0.75 kW;
    • Frequency: 200 Hz;
    • Rotational speed: 12,000 rpm
  • The accuracy of the positioning of the workpiece due to large diameter copiers Ø 180 mm along the plane from the top and bottom, as well as round conical copiers Ø 120 mm in the end of the workpiece.
  • On each engine there are mounted cutters R2 Ø 69 x Ø 16 H13 Z4.
  • The aspiration system effectively removes chips from the treatment area. Clean space in the milling unit provides high quality processing.

Radius knotting unit

  • Designed to remove microwaves on the machined radius of the edge after the milling units.
  • On each engine knives of radius R2, with cooling, by supplying compressed air directly to the knives themselves.
  • Two double-sided knives for increased performance dimensions: 20 x 12 x 2 x R2H.
  • Setup is done using counters.
  • The accuracy of the positioning of the workpiece due to large diameter copiers Ø 180 mm along the plane from the top and bottom, as well as round conical copiers Ø 120 mm in the end of the workpiece.

Polishing unit

  • The polishing unit with circles of two-layer fabric is necessary for finishing the edge. Gives shine to the treated surface, removes dirt.
  • Ensuring stable operation through the connection of constant power.
  • Equipped with 2 engines:
    • Power: 0.37 kW;
    • Frequency: 50 Hz;
    • Rotational speed: 1350 rpm
  • Diameter of wheels Ø 150 x Ø 22

Package "Comfort"

  • In the partitions of the machine in the area of ​​passage of the parts, brushes are installed to clean the machined part from dust and particles of edging material from previous knots, which may fall under the copiers of subsequent knots.
  • Illumination of the internal zone of the machine units Convenient maintenance and adjustment of the units and tracking the stable operation of the machine.

Air preparation unit

  • The pneumatic system of the machine is equipped with an AirTAC unit.
  • Pressure adjustment and precise air control.
  • It consists of a tank with oil for lubricating the system with oil mist, a fine filter and a distribution control unit.
  • Required pressure 8 bar.

Power switches

  • Main switch for power supply (On / Off).
  • Switch for setting up and reconfiguring the machine.
  • Emergency stop button on the control panel and the back of the machine.

Electrical components

  • Input voltage, 380 V, 50 Hz.
  • Delta frequency converter with the function of electric motor stop from overload.
  • Logical PLC controller DELTA.
  • Operation in the range of 0 - 40 degrees is allowed.
  • The machine automatically goes into standby mode when the machine stops working for a certain period (depending on the installation time).

Control system

  • Separately rendered touch screen remote control 7 inch Touch SCREEN.
  • The operation interface is intuitive and simple, information about the state of the machine is available at a glance.
  • The maximum convenience of operation, and fast learner operator.
  • Display of processes and diagnostic information.
  • Prompt resolution of problems using the error code displayed on the monitor of the control panel.


Tự động nâng hạ
Tổng công suất11
Rộng và cao900X1600
Tốc độ tải nguyên liệu14-20-23
 Độ dày nẹp dán cạnh0.4-3
Độ dày ván gỗ10-60
Chiều dài ván gỗ≥120
Chiều rộng ván gỗ≥60
Khí áp làm việc0,6


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